Hard Liver Festival – Brouwers Seattle

Hard Liver Barley Wine Festival Seattle at Brouwers Cafe in Fremont

US Craft Beer Festivals in 2010

2010 Beer Festivals are coming up and some of the good ones are discussed.

High Alcohol Macro Beers & Alcohol Advertising.. Are there Double Standards?

After an article on the Liquor Advertising/marketing in Ontario Canada removing a beer due to marketing being seen as inappropriate, one looks at beers currently on sale in these stores that could be deemed questionable products.

Christmas Beer – Festivals – Seasonals

Christmas Beer range in style from Porters, Dark Lagers, to Barley wines. Alcohol ranges from 7-13%, and there are often many local festivals that include tastings of styles. Pumpkin Beers for Halloween have been very popular, as are Vintage Beers.